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Good Monday Morning and welcome to the last week of July. The month went by quickly and August will arrive on Saturday. Typically speaking in Texas we see our hottest weather in late July through August. We’ve obviously dealt with the heat this month and will continue to do so for a few more days. However I’m happy to share that the heat ridge that has sat over our state for the past few weeks is going to shift west later this week. A weak cool front will push into parts of the state dropping temperatures a few degrees and allowing for the chance for a couple storms. Most folks won’t see rain and not everyone is going to get relief from the heat. Let me make that particularly clear – a cool front in July/August isn’t hte same as one in October or November. Don’t expect a drastic cool down.



Today will be hot, dry, and mostly clear across Texas. High temperatures this afternoon will range from the mid 90s up into the mid 100s. Deep South Texas, around Del Rio and Laredo, will likely see high temperatures of 104 to 107 degrees this afternoon. Welcome to summer in Texas. We’ve honestly been lucky – we could have seen these temperatures back in early June if not for all the rain. Heat index values will range from 2 to 10 degrees above the actual air temperature this afternoon. That means while the actual air temperature may be a balmy 98-99 degrees the heat index values will likely be in the 105-109 degree range. While we measure the air temperature for the official high temperature – if the heat index is 109 degrees that’s what it will feel like. Please be smart out in the heat and stay hydrated. Check up on our elderly neighbors and make sure they’re handling the heat.


Temperatures won’t cool off much tonight with lows in the 70s. Heat index values in the urban areas will remain close to 90 degrees well into the night.