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The summer months in Texas are often the easiest for meteorologists although there are notable exceptions to that rule. Its the time of year you’ll see your favorite television personalities take vacations and prepare for the fall and winter months. The same goes for us – although we spend much of the summer catching up on writing chase logs and editing photographs. With the heat ridge/high pressure remaining in place for the next week our job is pretty easy. Temperatures today will climb back up to summer averages with 90s to lower 100s. Heat index values will climb into the 101-106 degree range along and east of Interstate 35. A rogue storm can’t be ruled out in the Panhandle or along the coast. With the exception of a tropical system the most excitement Texas sees in the summer (weather-wise) is will it be 99 or 100 degrees. Remember the summer of 2011? This year is a freeze compared to that. Tonight’s temperatures will be about 2 degrees warmer than this morning with mid to upper 70s. Some of the most urban locations may not get below 80 degrees tonight. Heat index values will remain in the 80s to lower 90s for much of the night.


Looking ahead it appears we may see our heat ridge break down late next week. Should this pattern-change occur we may end up getting a rare July cold front with the possibility of increased chances for rain. We’re not talking about anything drastic at this point – but any cool front in July/August is something to write home about. We’ll keep an eye on it and continue to watch weahter model data with hopeful enthusiasm.