The summer doldrums have set in with high pressure, hot temps and mostly rain-free conditions dominating the forecast into this weekend and for a majority of next week.  BUT…there is a small glimmer of hope.  In reviewing some of the long-range models this morning, it appears that we may be seeing our current high pressure ridge making a shift westward by the end of next week.  As this happens…IF this happens…it will put much of the central to eastern half of the state back under north/northwest flow aloft.  That, plus a couple of upper level disturbances flowing out of the midwest and the Rockies, may be enough to push a cool front into parts of north Texas by the end of next week, which could bring some rain chances back into the forecast.  I’m not going to get my hopes up too high right at the moment, but it is the most promising thing we’ve seen manifesting in the long-range forecast models over the past few weeks.  Fingers crossed! In the meantime, our current ridge will strengthen slightly and center across west central Texas for this coming weekend keeping us hot and virtually rain-free this coming weekend.

Saturday Weeks end high pres shifts west

For tonight, mild and in the 70s with muggy conditions remaining over a good 85% of the state.  The exception to that will be across the western panhandle and mountain regions of western Texas where humidity levels will be much less overnight and allow temps to drop down into the 60s.   Chances for rain overnight are very minimal…just a few very isolated and lonely showers…mainly confined to eastern New Mexico easing into the western panhandle and far west Texas.  Highs tomorrow, inching up just a bit as our ridge begins to slightly strengthen.   Check back tomorrow morning for David’s daily Weather Roundup blog with the latest on tomorrow’s forecast and any updates between now and then!

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