Good morning and welcome to the June 9th edition of the Texas Weather Roundup! These daily morning blogs are essentially a quick way to get you the forecast for the day and let you know of any upcoming hazardous weather. I have to start out by wishing my little sister, Jenny, a very happy 20th birthday. I look forward to birthday dinner with her and the family later tonight.


500 Millibar (500 MB) heights and winds at 1 PM Today

In the weather department we continue with a summer pattern. At 500 millibars or the halfway point between the surface and upper limit of the atmosphere we continue to have a high pressure situated over Mexico with its influence keeping Texas dry and hot. We notice another trough digging into the Northeast United States with more severe storms expected for those folks again today. The jetstream continues to remain in the northern plains which is typical for summertime. Check out that low pressure sitting off the California coast. That storm system will move east later this week as the high pressure weakens. The result will be an increasing chance for showers and a few storms on Friday and Saturday. We’ll deal with that prospect later this week.


Today’s high temperature forecast

For today we’re going to continue to see summer camp weather! High temperatures across all of Texas will climb into the 90s. The Panhandle will be the relative coolest with upper 80s while Deep South Texas will be the warmest with high temperatures getting closer to the century mark. With all the rain we saw in May the humidity values continue to be elevated which results in a heat index. A sea-breeze may move inland this afternoon across Southeast Texas and along the coast. The usual result is a modest temperature drop along with the possibility of a few showers and popcorn/popup storms in the afternoon heat.


Forecast heat index “what it will feel like” this afternoon.

Temperatures will feel about 2 to 5 degrees warmer than the actual air temperature this afternoon. I shouldn’t need to give you summer heat tips but remember to stay hydrated and have sunscreen ready to go if you’re going to be outdoors today. The camp located behind my house in Cedar Hill started their first kids summer camp this week and I know they’ll be staying hydrated! For the most part winds today will remain light out of the south/southeast. Temperatures tonight will fall into the mid 60s to the mid 70s which is around seasonal averages under partly cloudy skies.

Percent of observed normal rainfall from June 2-June 8

Percent of observed normal rainfall from June 2-June 8

An interesting note is that for 2015 we’re in one of our more prolonged dry periods now. I know that’s funny to say after the May rains but most folks haven’t seen rain in about 10 days now. Some lakes in the Concho Valley are still well below normal pool so not everyone has recovered from the long-term drought just yet. As I said above it looks like we may see a stormier pattern set up by the end of the work week into the weekend. Widespread rain doesn’t look like a threat at this time but we’ll see how things play out.

7-Day Rain Total Forecast

7-Day Rain Total Forecast