A couple severe thunderstorms are expected to develop after 3 PM in western North Texas. The number of storms will be low due to no major lifting mechanism. While the severe weather threat will be spatially limited due to the limited number of storms those that do fire up could be intense. The atmosphere will be extremely unstable and supportive of rapid intensification once we see a thunderstorm develop. Higher-end severe weather with softball size hail, 70-80 MPH winds, and tornadoes will be possible with the strongest storms today. Once again we’re not expecting many storms today but those that do form could be intense. At this time the most likely area to see a few severe thunderstorms is in Northwest Texas south into the Big Country. Those storms would slowly progress east into western North Texas. A strong cap is in place over the D/FW Metroplex so storms should weaken as they approach I-35 if they can even make it that far east early this evening.