After what seems like endless days and weeks of flooding rains and severe weather threats over many parts of the state, it looks like we’ll finally be catching a break this next week.  I won’t say that we’ll be completely rain or storm-free, but we will see a significant change in our upper air pattern with high pressure moving in which will significantly decrease rain chances for the next 5 to 7 days.   A rather strong late-season cold front will move in today and also help keep temps cooler for the next few days.


Just looking at the precipitation outlook for this coming week, we’re not seeing any heavy amounts.  What’s showing on this map for west through north central Texas, and down along the coast, is mostly what we are receiving today through Sunday.  After that, we go primarily dry with just a few chances during the week…but nothing widespread and apocalyptic like we’ve seen the past couple of weeks.


For today, our large squall line of storms that moved across north central Texas and the DFW metro last night continues to move east.  Wrap-around precipitation behind the departing system will bring some scattered chances of continued rain this morning and into the early afternoon hours for northern Texas, but nothing significant is expected.  We also have an ongoing line of storms across west Texas west of a Sonora to Del Rio line.  This is expected to continue to slowly drive south/southeast this morning bringing heavy rain along with it.  For central and southern Texas, storms are expected to fire up along a weak frontal boundary during peak daytime heating and work their way south through the evening hours.  Widespread severe is not expected, but a few of the storms could become severe with hail and strong downburst winds as the main threats.  Austin and San Antonio areas could definitely see a few strong storms…Houston area, too with the typical seabreeze front possibly interacting with the southward sinking frontal boundary.  This has the potential to enhance rain chances, so keep that in mind this afternoon.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 9.49.17 AM EWX this afternoon