Seeing numerous reports of high winds in excess of 70mph with this line moving towards Abilene.  Damage has been reported in Loraine in the past few minutes with a roofs blown off two homes and a barn due to straight-line winds at about 9:15am this morning.  We expect to see eastward extensions of the current Severe Thunderstorm Warnings within the next 15 minutes or so as this entire squall line continues traveling east at roughly 35mph.  Blackwell, Merkel, Abilene, Hawley, Anson and Stamford…you are all in line to be impacted by this squall line in the next half hour or so.  Folks, especially those in mobile homes, campers or other structures which may not be sound will need to find adequate shelter ASAP.  In addition to the high wind threat, flash flooding will also be a threat.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 9.42.14 AM