A line of severe thunderstorms extends from southern Oklahoma south to near the Mexico border. At 7:30 PM this line extended along a Henrietta-Mineral Wells-Coleman-San Angelo-Sanderson line. This line of thunderstorms is generally moving east at 20-45 MPH depending on which segment we’re talking about. I see little reason to think this line will not continue to move east for several more hours into North Texas, Central Texas, and the Hill Country. Bowing segments within the line will have an enhanced risk of producing 70-80 MPH straightline winds and brief tornadoes. Large hail will be possible with the strongest storms in the line as well. Flooding will be a big concern just because of how much rain we’ve seen over the past few weeks. It’s going to be a loud evening. Those outdoors should move indoors or to a suitable shelter as this line of severe storms approaches your location.