Our severe squall line continues marching east across the eastern half of the DFW metro and into Hopkins, Rains, Kaufman and Van Zandt counties.  Commerce, Sulpher Springs, Wills Point and Grand Saline are just a few cities which can expect impacts within the next 15 minutes to half hour.  A few areas could experience upwards of 70mph wind gusts, but for the majority, they should remain at 60mph and below.  In addition to high winds, very heavy rainfall at rates of 1.5 inches per hour can be expected along and behind the leading edge of the squall line.  This will lead to widespread flash flooding over already saturated soils.  So far, the threat for tornadic spin-ups along this portion of the line has not materialized, but it’s still not out of the question, so take the warnings for this approaching line of storms seriously.  If you don’t have to be out and about, it’s best to just stay put until this passes over.

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