Our severe weather outlook today is a bit nebulous with persistent cloud cover as a potential inhibitor of severe weather development later this afternoon.  Nevertheless, the Storm Prediction Center has outlined a portion of north, central and west central Texas with a Slight Risk of severe storm development this afternoon.  Clearing in the clouds is expected from the Concho Valley eastward towards the DFW metroplex by later this afternoon.  With sufficient clearing to aid surface heating, we could see a few storms develop which are anticipated to quickly become severe with a very large hail and high wind threat.  On the map below, the Slight Risk area is outlined in yellow.  Within the Slight Risk area, is a 5% Tornado Risk outlook in brown.  It’s within this area that tornado development would be most likely IF we see the development of severe storms within this region.  Again, a lot is going to depend on clearing later on in the afternoon to help enhance instability and storm initiation.  I’ll be out chasing…David and Paige may be as well, so stay tuned for updates and make sure you have a way to receive weather warnings if you’re out and about!

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.18.40 PM