Before we talk about the “R” word this evening, I thought I’d do something a little different and throw out a sunset forecast for y’all!  Below, we have a current visible satellite image of Texas and its cloud cover.  On it, I’ve annotated the image to show areas that may have the potential for seeing a really pretty sunset this evening…provided there’s sufficient clearing further west.  Be sure to check it out and share your photos with us on our Facebook page or on Twitter!  There’s nothing better than a Texas sunset!

 Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 6.01.57 PM

Now, back to the “R” word…I’m sure some of y’all are saying enough already, give us a break!  But, on the positive side, we’re a whole heck of a lot better off than we were just a few years ago when nearly 99% of our state was under Exceptional Drought conditions.  Yesterday’s cold front has made it into south central Texas and is stirring up a few thunderstorms north of the Houston area.  Folks out in the Permian Basin and Edward Plateau region have already seen anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rainfall in the past 24 hours…and there’s more coming.  In case you missed it in David’s morning blog, here’s the estimated rainfall amounts through Sunday.

2015-03-20_4-38-57Here’s a look at what the radar might look like between tomorrow morning and Sunday afternoon when our approaching upper level disturbance finally moves off to our east.  As you can see, the rainfall coverage across the state is quite expansive, although folks across the northern half of the state will receive less accumulation that those across the southern half.  The good news is, after the rain moves out on Sunday, it looks like we’ll have several days of dry, warm and increasingly humid conditions until another cold front arrives by mid-week bringing with it rain/thunderstorm chances.  We’ll begin to talk about those chances later this weekend, so stay tuned!

7am Saturday Rain 1pm Saturday Rain 6pm Saturday Rain 6am Sunday Rain