With zonal (west to east) upper level flow returning and our latest rain event shifting east, we are expecting a few days to dry out before our next weather system moves in by mid-week.  Fortunately, this next system will not behave like our most recent one with widespread, lingering rain.  More on that later in the blog! For today, skies have already cleared across western parts of the state, and we expect that clearing to continue working its way east throughout the day.  I won’t promise completely clear skies across the eastern 1/3rd of the state, but you’ll definitely start to see glimpses of that giant yellow orb that we’ve missed over the past several days.  Highs today will be unseasonably warm across the western half of the state.  Amarillo and Lubbock could both see temps close to 80 by this afternoon.  Winds will pick up a bit and wildfire concerns will return by this afternoon across this region, so please be mindful of anything that could spark and ignite dry vegetation.  Warm conditions will also reside along the Rio Grande region between Big Bend and down towards Del Rio with plenty of sunshine throughout the day.  Dallas, Waco and down towards Houston will be slightly cooler and in the 60’s to low 70’s this afternoon.  Still not bad at all!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 9.37.33 AM

Lows tonight cool and fairly seasonable for this time of the year.  Fog will be an issue tonight and early tomorrow morning across parts of the eastern panhandle, western north Texas, north central and northeast Texas overnight where skies are expected to clear out.  Most of this fog should be clearing out by around 9 to 10am Monday, then we’ll all enjoy an afternoon of much needed sunny skies and warm temps!

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A look ahead:  After a few days of quiet weather, spring storms return to the forecast by Wednesday afternoon as a cold front and upper level disturbance arrives across north Texas.  Thunderstorms are expected to develop by Wednesday afternoon across north central Texas and move south/southeast through the evening.  The most likely threats will be high winds, hail and frequent lightning.  For Thursday, the cold front will continue its journey south and central/southeast Texas will have a chance at seeing rain This is still a few days out, so we could still see some shift in the location for the greatest chance of severe storms, but we wanted to let you know this potential exists so you can plan accordingly.  We will, of course, have updates out as we head into the week, so be sure to check back!

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