After returning to more typical February weather we’ll be warming right back up today. South winds and sunny skies will allow temperatures to warm back up into the 60s and 70s. The exception will be Far East Texas where cooler air filtering in from Arkansas will keep temperatures in the 50s this afternoon. Likewise we’ll see 60s and 70s across all of Texas on Saturday which will mark one of the last spring-like days we see for a while. Northeast Texas and the Rio Grande Valley will have mostly cloudy skies today but the rest of Texas will be see plenty of sun with mostly clear skies.



I’ve decided to forgo any long detailed update on next week’s cold front with this morning’s update. Jenny has an excellent discussion posted from last evening that is still quite applicable. If anything weather models have come in a bit warmer but I stress that weather models are flip flopping run to run. It’ll probably be Saturday Night before we get a good idea of any sort of potential winter weather issues next week. I’ll write up a post this afternoon just before evening rush hour to summarize the latest forecast.