Temperatures are now at or below freezing across the northern half of the D/FW Metroplex up to the Red River into Oklahoma. Becuase this temperature fall happened a few hours ahead of OUR schedule we’re dealing with unexpected sleet and freezing rain. Roads are a bit slick in Cooke county but we have not heard of any travel issues in the D/FW Metroplex as of 6:30 PM. Some thunderstorms have been producing thundersleet. As temperatures continue to fall and the sun sets we could see some of this moisture freeze this evening. Please be mindful of road conditions in the D/FW Metroplex north to the Red River this evening as they might suddenly go downhill.

The first round of precipitation will continue moving east and should move out of North Texas by 9 PM. Residiual moisture on roadways will have the potential to become ice and cause slick conditions. The main show and our second round of heavy precipitation will arrive Monday Morning. It should be heaviest between 6 AM and 11 AM in the D/FW Metroplex.

Precipitation round #2 will develop across the Permian Basin, West Texas, and the Big Country early Monday morning (after midnight tonight). With temperatures below freezing the primary precipitation type will likely be sleet with perhaps a little snow mixed in. Sleet will accumulate on all surfaces and cause roads to become slick and hazardous. Please see the earlier blog for detailed regional accumulation forecasts.

Temperatures across Northeast Texas remain above freezing with rain continuing to fall. Until temperatures fall below freezing we won’t have issues with winter weather. In all likelihood y’all will have to wait for Round #2 on Monday into Monday Night for your share of the winter weather fun. An exception might be along the Red River where temperatures may trend towards freezing.

We’ll have a detailed winter weather forecast update including what we expect for Central and Southeast Texas around 9 to 10 PM. Remember to join us at 8:30 PM for our live video chat with D/FW Scanner and a meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.