Mother Nature has thankfully calmed down over much of the state this afternoon.  Just a few remaining areas across northeast and east Texas with lingering patches of sleet and freezing rain.  We also have s few areas in the southeastern portion of the Texas panhandle and rolling plains with lingering light snow.  Most of this will be gone completely after nightfall; however, we could see some light freezing drizzle tomorrow morning across the southern and southeastern parts of north Texas by tomorrow morning.


Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 3.37.20 PM

Temps tonight will drop down into the teens across the panhandle, 20s across northern and central Texas with 30s to low 40s along the coast.  Snow across portions of the panhandle earlier today will continue to create hazardous driving conditions overnight and into tomorrow morning.  For north and northeast Texas, any of today’s sleet that melted and became slushy will re-freeze overnight into pretty much solid sheets of ice.  This could create even more hazardous driving conditions Tuesday morning than we experienced this morning!  You’ll want to check road conditions before heading out tomorrow morning and be sure to take it slow and steady.

Lows tonight


The good news is that highs tomorrow will break the freezing mark and this will help to melt more of the icy muck on our roadways.  The sun will come out across Western and southwestern Texas, and may even try to peek in over parts of north Texas, which will be a welcomed sight after gloomy skies the past couple of days.

Highs on Tuesday


Stay tuned later this evening for the latest on the remaining winter weather advisories and the chance for some additional snowfall early Wednesday across north central Texas!