A check of current radar shows our early morning sleet and snow system quickly racing east across the state.  A few locations in far east Texas are reporting over 2.5 inches of snow at this time…with one report of 5 inches in Talco!  It was a tricky forecast all along with most of the snowfall this morning ending up south of I-20 rather than north as previously forecasted.  Unfortunately, that’s the nature of predicting winter weather in the state of Texas.  As we remind everyone all the time, just a shift north or south, or just a degree or two difference in temperatures can make or bust a snow forecast around here.  In this morning’s case, the low ended up tracking about 50 to 75 miles further south than anticipated, and temperatures in the mid-levels of the atmosphere…roughly between 4,000 and 8,000 feet…stayed above freezing longer than expected. By the time the mid-level temps had cooled down to freezing, pretty much about the time the low was almost on top of us, most of the precipitation occurring north of I-20 was coming to an end.  South of I-20, however, did get some nice and rather unexpected snow totals this morning along with some surprise school closings!  Enjoy your snow day and the sunny skies expected this afternoon!  And yes, it looks like the panhandle and northern Texas will be in for yet another round of wintry weather tonight and again Friday.  We’ll have a much more detailed forecast out later this evening with regard to that potential, so stay tuned!

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