* Light snow is falling across the northern Texas Panhandle. While most of this is evaporating before reaching the ground we do expect snow to increase in coverage this morning. With temperatures around 20 degrees we’ll likely see a dusting up to a quarter inch of snow through 4 AM.

* Light to locally moderate snow is just about to enter the Texas Panhandle and West Texas from New Mexico. This area of precipitation is associated with the storm system that will bring accumulating snow to the state this morning. Expect snow to increase across the Texas Panhandle, South Plains, and northern Permian Basin by 4 AM with a reduction in visibility and light snow accumulations.

* Weather radar indicates snow is now falling across much of the Permian Basin, West-Central Texas, and Concho Valley. However this snow is evaporating before reaching the ground due to a layer of dry air around 3,000 feet. It will take some time for this layer of dry air to moisten up. Once it moistens up we’ll start seeing snow make it down to the ground. This will take a few hours for locations I just mentioned above. This will also be a problem for North Texas later this morning which is why there is some question regarding how much snow will actually make it to the ground. That will determine if any accumulation forecasts need to be adjusted.


I shared these graphics in my update a bit earlier but they’re still relevant timing-wise. The heaviest snow accumulations today should be from the South Plains eastward into West-Central Texas into Western North Texas where 1 to 4 inches of snow will be possible. Right now I’m calling for half an inch up to three inches of snow in the D/FW Metroplex. Those ligher amounts will be on the south/east sides of D/FW with the higher amounts on the western side of D/FW heading out towards Mineral Wells and Eastland.