Some chances for winter weather return to parts of the state overnight and into Friday. Not much is expected in the way of snow or ice accumulation, but that does not mean there won’t be a few impacts here and there.  A weakish upper level low will be on the approach from northern Mexico and will begin to ramp up the precipitation machine after midnight tonight and through most of the day tomorrow.  The best chances of rain tomorrow will end up being across south central and southeast Texas where temps are expected to remain above freezing overnight and tomorrow.  However, late tonight and early tomorrow morning, some icy precip in the form of light snow, light sleet and light freezing rain could make it to the ground in a few places from west central Texas, parts of the northern Hill Country, southern portions of north central Texas, and even portions of southeast Texas north of the Houston area.

Precip Forecast zone by Noon Friday

Another cold front is expected to arrive overnight and will be working it way across central Texas by early tomorrow morning.  Dry air behind the front will severely limit the amount of winter weather expected across north Texas tomorrow.  Further south, moisture will have been on the increase overnight and whatever frozen precipitation that develops at cloud level won’t have to fight so hard through a dry surface air layer to make it to the ground.

Sleet snow tonight


EWX Freezing Rain and Sleet tonight    freezing rain HGX Fri morning

There is still some variability in short range forecast models on where the freezing line will set up tonight and early tomorrow, as well as variability in the amount of rain that will develop, so we’ll continue to monitor and update you tonight if anything major changes. Again, we are not expecting a “major” winter event tomorrow, but a few impacts could be seen in areas where it’s at or below freezing and enough icy precip falls to coat the roadways and/or bridges.  We’ll have a separate forecast out tomorrow with details on an additional round of winter precip expected to arrive late Friday and into Saturday, so be sure to look for that!

Overnight Lows