Our latest cold front is settling in over the state with winds easing up from earlier today and temperatures slowly dropping.  We’ve got a few returns showing up on radar across parts of west Texas where temperatures have reached the freezing mark, but so far, not seeing too many reports of anything significant actually making it to the ground.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 9.07.54 PM

As for Winter Weather…latest forecast model trends today have continued to show a decrease in overall precipitation expected tonight, tomorrow and also on Wednesday with the approaching upper level system weakening considerably before it reaches us.  For tonight, a mix of light snow/freezing rain is expected across parts of west Texas including the Guadalupe Mountains, Trans Pecos and Permian Basin regions with some freezing fog possible for areas mainly north and east of Midland.  We still have a decent amount of dry air at the surface that the precipitation will have to fight through before reaching the ground, so it will likely be late tonight/early tomorrow before we see much measurable snow or sleet in the area.  No major impacts are expected across west Texas tonight or tomorrow morning other than a few slick spots here and there.

MAF tonight

Late Tuesday into Wednesday still looks to hold the best chances for seeing light snow coverage across the panhandle and continued light snow chances across western Texas.  As temperatures warm through the day on Wednesday, all but the panhandle counties will likely transition to a light freezing rain/drizzle then all liquid drizzle as we head into the afternoon.Lub Late Tues-early Wed light snow MAF tomorrow

Here’s a look at the overnight lows and daytime highs for Tuesday and Wednesday.  We warm up a few degrees on Wednesday, but it will hardly be noticeable.  Good news is we have a much bigger warm up expected over the weekend…some folks may even be able to pull out the t-shirts and flip flops by Saturday!

Lows tonight Highs Tuesday Lows Tues Nite Highs Wed