After experiencing mostly cloudy to cloudy skies so far this year I am happy to say the clouds are clearing and temperatures are rising. The day has come and FINALLY we are seeing temperatures return to seasonal averages. After the cold and cloudy weather we’ve dealt with over the past week I am more than ready to step outside without my coat and to feel the sun shining on my face. So yes I have missed the sun. If you haven’t clicked away yet lets get to the forecast.


Skies will be in a clearing phase beginning by the time you read this post. Unless you’re right on the coast in Southeast Texas or in the Rio Grande Valley skies will clear out today from west to east. Folks in those areas may also deal with patchy fog and mist this morning. By this afternoon folks except in the aforementioned areas will see partly to mostly sunny skies. With returning south winds the Texas Panhandle and Concho Valley will be the warmest spots today with high temperatures climbing into the upper 50s which is much more like it. Honestly we’re not going to see much variety today with high temperatures ranging from 50-52 across East and North Texas to 53-56 across Northwest, West, Central, South-Central, and South Texas. On Friday temperatures will continue the climb with upper 50s to lower 60s expected across Northwest Texas, the Hill Country, and South Texas. Considering we’re in mid-January I’m content to see those temperatures and it will certainly feel warm compared to the weather we’ve had so far in 2015. I caution you though that winter is far from over and we are not done with the cold weather yet by a long shot. Extended range weather model guidance is suggesting another cold blast could occur in the last week of January. That wouldn’t be shocking considering we are in the middle of winter. That’s all I can do! Hopefully both the cool and warm weather camps are happy. With that I’ll wish you a good day and I’ll talk with you later on.