* Light rain continues across portions of North Texas and parts of Southwest Texas. This activity is moving northeast and is just a cold rain in areas above freezing.

* Where temperatures are in the 30-32 degree range freezing rain is falling in the Concho Valley and western North Texas. While temperatures are below freezing we like to see temperatures below 28-29 degrees for freezing rain to freeze instantly on contact. Regardless freezing rain will accumulate on elevated surfaces and contribute to slick and hazardous road conditions. This activity is moving northeast.

* The freezing line is not expected to move much over the next few hours. The D/FW Metroplex is above freezing and will not see any winter precipitation for the remainder of the event.

Here’s what the HRRR is showing at 11 PM this evening on the radar. Rain will continue across North Texas with freezing rain still falling in the Concho Valley where some additional ice will accumulate this evening.