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A significant winter storm is currently underway across western and west central Texas.  While this band of mainly freezing rain and sleet is not that wide…roughly 50 to 60 miles wide…will certainly pack a punch over the area today and tonight, especially as it begins to transition to mostly snow across the caprock and southwest panhandle overnight.  Roadways right now across the area are being reported as mainly wet for the time being, but they will certainly become even more slick overnight as temperatures drop into the mid 20’s.   This band of freezing rain will not move all that much today, drifting just a bit further north and northwest before it begins to clear out on Saturday.  Temps Saturday afternoon will rise above freezing and into the 40’s for most of the west Texas region which will hopefully melt the sleet/snow off the roads rather quickly so everyone can get out and about and shake off some cabin fever!


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