Current Temperatures



The cold front continues its southward march across Texas late this morning. Temperatures in the Texas Panhandle are struggling to make it out of the teens with snow flurries and wind chill temperatures below zero. Meanwhile in North Texas temperatures are holding in the mid 30s with wind chill temperatures in the 20s. One good thing about a strong cold front moving in during the daytime hours is the sun is helping to keep temperatures at least steady. That will change tonight as all of Texas experiences a very cold overnight. For those falling into the 10s/20s tonight remember to deal with your pipes! Everyone should also remember your pets and elderly who may not be able to manage on their own.

Tonight’s Low Temperature Forecast



There continues to be at least some indication that winter weather will be possible on Friday in parts of Texas. At this time we’re still looking over the latest morning weather model data and will have a more comprehensive update this afternoon. I still believe any winter weather on Friday will be relatively light with minor impacts but we’ll continue to look over data and share it with you later on today.