While the Texas Panhandle southeast into Northwest Texas will be feeling the wintry side of our Christmas Storm by the early morning hours on December 25, the warm side (south/east) of the storm will have the threat of severe weather, including the threat of tornadoes. Even though this event will begin during the early morning hours on Christmas, the atmosphere will be very unstable along and south of a warm front. Depending on how far north this warm front makes it will determine how far north the severe weather threat extends. Wind shear will be very favorable for organized thunderstorms, including supercells. Because of the unusual nature of the severe weather threat, occurring on Christmas, plus the possibility of tornadoes, this has the potential to become a dangerous severe weather event. By Christmas afternoon, the threat for severe weather will have pushed east of Texas. However, for our neighbors to the east, that will mean the threat for a Major Severe Weather Outbreak, including strong tornadoes. Overall, I’m afraid this could end up becoming a red-letter severe weather day.

If you live in Southeast Texas and East Texas, please keep a very close eye on the forecast and plan to have a way on receiving weather warnings during the pre-dawn hours on Christmas. We’ll keep you updated on this potential significant threat.