Day: December 20, 2012

Cold Winter Night in Texas

Winds have become light to calm across Texas this evening. Skies are also crystal clear with clouds hard to find. Light winds and clear skies present a good opportunity for radiational cooling. While the sun radiates heat onto the surface during the day, the earth radiates heat into space at night. With no clouds and light winds, heat is able to leave the surface more quickly. That is why temperatures have fallen so quickly this evening. That trend will continue overnight and we can expect cold temperatures by morning. Check out how cold it will get by Friday...

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Christmas Winter Weather Update

Remember that snowfall accumulations graphic I posted this past Tuesday that had everyone freaking out?  Below is a new one for the same time frame…6pm on January 1st.  See the difference?  This time, the math thinks most of the snow will be north of Texas and in the central plains.  Again, the object of following model guidance, especially that far out, is to just pick up on trends and patterns.  And the trend is still for winter weather to affect a large portion of the southern and central plains during Christmas week.  The National Weather Service office in Norman,...

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