With each updated forecast model run, we are continuing to see signs of a major winter storm developing that will impact not just northern Texas but almost the entire midwest around Christmas.  The likely timeframe for impacts looks to be from Christmas day through maybe the 27th or 28th.  Again, too early to be exact on the timing, but what I really want to address here right now is just to be aware of the potential travel impacts this may have.

Here is a forecast graphic showing potential snow accumulation totals as of January 1st at 7pm.  Now…do keep in mind this is just a bunch of math coming up with these totals, so don’t get too focused on that for now.  What we look at when evaluating these model forecasts is trends and patterns.  The pattern that is beginning to stay consistent with each new model output is there will most likely be some form of major winter weather affecting the plains the week of Christmas thru New Years.

7pm new years day

If you are planning to travel north into Oklahoma or Kansas for the holidays…or anywhere in the midwest really… please consider making alternate plans now…just in case.  It’s always better to be prepared.  If you have family and friends in the southern plains or midwest areas that could be impacted by this system next week, consider contacting them now to give them a heads up that they need to start paying attention to their local forecast and think about making preparations.  A dumping of snow like this could leave some areas not only without power for awhile, but could potentially make roads impassable and leave folks stranded at home or wherever they may be at the time.

We’re not saying cancel plans you have or anything like that…just be aware…maybe reach out to see if family is flexible on travel days, etc. just in case you have to move travel days just a bit.  We will continue to monitor this and keep you up to date as the forecast becomes more solid.  But for now,  we just wanted to make you all aware of this possibility…that it’s a trend we’re continuing to see…so you all can be as in the know as possible.