We’ve had a lot of folks mention that it seems very windy tonight across their portion of Texas. Since I have a few free minutes before I dive into my next term paper, I figured I would explain why it’s still so windy this evening.

This graphic shows winds around 5,000 feet above the ground at around 10 PM tonight. For those who aren’t weather nerds (which is about 95% of you), we have what’s called a Low Level Jet in place. A LLJ forms just after dark as the atmosphere decouples and winds above the surface can really begin to ramp up. Right now, winds are around 50-55 MPH at 5,000 feet. Some of this wind is able to mix down (transport) down to the surface, which is why we have some gusts around 30 MPH. As spring time rolls on, these types of setups will happen almost nightly. The wind should begin to die down around midnight before picking up again on Wednesday.