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  • RT @NWSAmarillo: Tstms continue across the eastern Panhandles this AM. Flash flooding is possible with this activity. #phwx https://t.co/aX…
  • @Gracie2880 Nope! The northern plains have their severe weather season from June through August. Hope you like the cold.
  • Watching a tornado-producing supercell spin away 50 miles SE of Grand Forks, ND #mnwx #ndwx https://t.co/unNMJNFAB1
  • @MorganGuigon @iCyclone 99L can go dry up in the desert. It's a fay-like forecaster troll. 😡
  • @iCyclone Not hedging by bets on it being a west GOM threat but I wouldn’t be surprised for a US issue. Now for it to blossom into a cherry!