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  • @RaceWx4You @spann My mission over the next day will be to find a reasonable Instagram app similiar to tweetdeck for as little $.
  • RT @NWSElPaso: High temp in El Paso yesterday was 65 degrees. The last time high was cooler was April 1st when the high was 63. Almost 6 m…
  • @spann Now if only there was a tool similar to Tweetdeck/Tweetbot for Instagram. I suppose I should look into snapchat too. #ifeelold
  • @spann Gracias! Not a surprise considering the younger folks. I wonder how much of the interaction consists of one-words or emoticons.
  • @spann Last night on WB you mentioned an article showing higher interaction rates on Linkedin (among others) vs Twitter. Got a URL?

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