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  • TD9 (future #Hermine) won’t directly impact is in Texas, but dangerous rip currents are likely through the weekend on beaches#txwxwx
  • Summer means a night schedule for me (David). Jenny will have your evening forecast update around 8 & I'll be back at 2AM. Have a good one!
  • RT @NWSLubbock: Next brief but heavy shower to move across south Lubbock. Be prepared for street flooding. #lubwx https://t.co/S0K15Hg4Ni
  • RT de3#ctxwxb31f79f96: 4#ctxwx8 PM: Minor flooding of roads in and west of Fairfield may be occurring; including along Hwy 84. Be aware for water on#ctxwx
  • NEW: Hurricane/Tropical Storm Watches Issued for Florida Gulf Coast texasstormchasers.com/?p=47278 https://t.co/KF2CT5Y1Db