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Increasing Clouds Today & Your Weekend Weather Outlook


Good morning Texas and whoever else might be visiting us this morning. Congratulations on surviving the work-week and welcome to Friday. I realize some of you might not have the traditional work schedule but look on the bright side. At least traffic isn’t nearly as bad on the weekend. I’m in Austin this weekend for a weather conference and had the ‘pleasure’ of driving in their rush hour last night. It goes without saying I don’t wish that on anyone. This isn’t a traffic blog so lets get on to the weather forecast.

This Morning

Temperatures this morning are quite cold again across Texas. The good news is we’ll warm up quite efficiently after sunrise and into the afternoon hours. Temperatures will peak near average for February 5. It may not be in the 70s but it certainly could be much colder. Five years ago I was covering the second round of winter weather in the D/FW Metroplex with the super bowl in town. With wind chills below zero I think we can all be thankful with today’s weather.


This afternoon and evening

High temperatures this afternoon will actually peak in the low 70s across the Rio Grande Valley. 60s are expected across South-Central Texas and the Coastal Plains. Upper 50s to right around 60 degrees is the forecast across the Permian Basin, Big Country, Concho Valley, North Texas, Central Texas, the Brazos Valley, and Southeast Texas. As usual the coolest readings in the state will be across the South/Rolling Plains and Texas Panhandle where the peak afternoon temperatures will be in the 40s. Clouds will be on the increase by late afternoon across the Panhandle and West Texas. Those clouds are due to an upper level disturbance moving eastward. By this evening those clouds will move into locations east of Northwest Texas, the Big Country, Concho Valley, and Hill Country.

Light rain chances possible tonight and the first half of Saturday

A few sprinkles or very light showers will be possible tonight and on Saturday east of Northwest Texas, the Big Country, Concho Valley, and Hill Country. North Texas, Central Texas, Northeast Texas, and East Texas stand the best chance of getting a few sprinkles tonight and on parts of Saturday. Understand that moisture levels are quite low and thus any rain that reaches the ground will be light. Any showers won’t sit on any place long so a washout is not expected. Limited moisture levels mean no thunderstorms are forecast and neither is any severe weather or flooding.


Tonight into Saturday Morning

Low temperatures by Saturday morning be cold once again with 20s across the Texas Panhandle, South/Rolling Plains, Permian Basin, COncho Valley, and Far West Texas. Western sections of the Panhandle will likely fall off into the 10s. 30s are expected across Northwest Texas, North Texas, Northeast Texas, East Texas, Southeast Texas, Central Texas, and the Brazos Valley. 40s will be common on Saturday morning across South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.

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Warming up this weekend

As the upper level storm system pulls away we should see a transition to mostly clear skies by Saturday afternoon across Texas. High temperatures will be warmer across western parts of Texas into Central Texas and Southeast Texas. North Texas and Northeast Texas will remain nearly the same as today. They’ll join in on the warmer weather on Sunday as temperatures continue to increase across most of Texas with 60s and 70s. The Panhandle will be cooler as another surge of cooler air moves in. Low temperatures on Sunday morning will still be cool with 20s to low 40s across Texas.

Noticably Cooler Today & Very Cold Tonight



Temperatures will be much cooler today and tonight across Texas as a secondary surge of cold air has arrived. High temperatures this afternoon will remain in the 30s across the Texas Panhandle. 40s can be expected across Northwest Texas, the South/Rolling Plains, Permian Basin, Davis Mountains, into the Concho Valley, Big Country, and North Texas. Skies will likely remain mostly cloudy across the Panhandle and parts of West Texas before clearing later tonight. We won’t see temperatures nearly as cool across Southeast Texas, South-Central Texas, or South Texas today with upper 50s to mid 60s. Compared to the past few days those temperatures will still be a good 15 to 25 degrees cooler. There will be an elevated fire danger across Southwest and South Texas this afternoon.


We’ll see the bottom fall out tonight as very cold air settles into Texas. The Davis Mountains and the Texas Panhandle will fall into the low to middle 10s tonight. 20s are expected across the South/Rolling Plains, Permian Basin, COncho Valley, Big Country, Northwest Texas, North Texas, Northeast Texas, and Central Texas. Temperatures will fall into the 30s across the remainder of the state – including Southeast Texas, South Texas, and the Coastal Plains. Clear skies and relatively light winds will provide ample support for radiational cooling. Don’t be surprised to see temperatures vary over a short distance by morning.

Dry weather will continue on Thursday and Friday across Texas. There may be a few light showers on Saturday from the Concho Valley into Central Texas. None of that looks significant at this time. Another round of cooler weather appears possible next week but we remain in a blocking pattern. Unfortunately it appears a prolonged period of dry weather could continue well into February across Texas. There are indications we may see a pattern change by the third week of February. Until then we can expect below-average precipitation with the occasional cold front.

Enhanced to Critical Fire Danger Risk Expands This Afternoon



This afternoon will be the last relatively warm one for the next couple of days across the eastern half of Texas. High temperatures will peak in the mid 60s to mid 70s along and east of Highway 281 today. That includes North Texas, East Texas, Southeast Texas, Central Texas, and South-Central Texas. As usual folks in Deep South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley will top out in the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. It’ll be a drastically different picture across the Panhandle where cold air advection will be in full force today. Y’all will struggle to make it out of the 30s this afternoon with a biting north wind. The South Plains, Rolling Plains, Permian Basin, and Northwest Texas will range from the mid 40s to upper 50s. I wouldn’t be surprised to see temperatures struggle to climb much by this afternoon as cold air advection continues. We do note that high winds are possible again today in the Guadalupe and Davis Mountains.


The initial cold front this morning won’t result in cooler temperatures this afternoon for the eastern half of Texas. What it will do is bring in much drier air. Combined with gusty west winds and low humidity we’re looking at another day with critical fire danger. The highest risk for explosive wildfire growth will be across Southwest Texas and the Concho Valley. Very high to near-critical fire danger exists across the Permian Basin, South Texas, Central Texas, Hill Country, North Texas, and the Big Country. Compared to the past few days the risk for enhanced fire danger has spread further east. Local fire departments should be prepared for an increased risk of grass fires today. Any fire that develops could spread rapidly and require considerable┬áresources to contain.

2016-02-02_5-53-21 2016-02-02_5-52-34

Far West Texas, the Guadalupe and Davis Mountains, into the Permian Basin, South/Rolling Plains, and the Texas Panhandle are going to be cold tonight into Wednesday morning. Low temperatures will range from the upper 10s in Alpine and the northern Texas Panhandle into the mid and upper 20s across the Plains and Permian Basin. Freezing temperatures are anticipated across Northwest Texas, the Big Country, Concho Valley, western North Texas, and parts of the Hill Country. The remainder of North Texas, Northeast Texas, East Texas, the Brazos Valley, Central Texas, South-Central Texas, and the Hill Country will be in the mid┬áto upper 30s tonight. Southeast Texas, the Coastal Plains, and South Texas will range from the upper 30s to the mid 40s. Finally we’ll round out with the upper 40s in the Rio Grande Valley for low temperatures tonight in the Rio Grande Valley.


The storm system that brought high winds and blowing dust to West Texas is now causing a multitude of new problems to our north and east. A raging blizzard is impacting Nebraska and Iowa today. Meanwhile a severe weather episode will unfold this afternoon and tonight across Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama. A squall line will move east with widespread damaging winds. Any sustained discrete storms that fire up ahead of that line could become tornadic this afternoon across northern Mississippi, southern Tennessee, and northwest Alabama. Back here in Texas we won’t be dealing with anything like that this week. Our weather looks dry through at least Thursday Night.

Much Cooler Today with Clearing Skies & Northwest Winds


The low pressure responsible for thunderstorms in East Texas on Thursday is on its way to produce a major winter storm in the Mid-Atlantic states. If you haven’t heard about that just check out the National media response. They seem to be enjoying themselves over the upcoming blizzard. We won’t be dealing with anything like that in the foreseeable future in Texas.


Gusty northwest winds this morning will begin to diminish this afternoon before becoming light tonight. Skies will clear from west to east this morning with all of Texas expected to be under mostly sunny to sunny skies by this afternoon. Sky conditions will be crystal clear tonight.


Cold air advection will keep high temperatures in the 40s and 50s across Northwest Texas, North Texas, Northeast Texas, East Texas, Central Texas, the Brazos Valley, and Southeast Texas this afternoon. Northwest winds will be brisk this morning but will begin to relax this afternoon. Temperatures across the Permian Basin into Southwest Texas and South Texas will be comparatively warmer with low to upper 60s. Compared to the low 80s yesterday that is still about ten degrees cooler.


With clear skies and light winds expected tonight temperatures will fall off like a rock. Freezing temperatures are probable as far south as Interstate 10 from San Antonio into the Houston metro. The Permian Basin, Concho Valley, Hill Country, Central Texas, to East Texas and points north will fall off into the 20s tonight. The typically cooler spots may fall into the lower 20s. Even in the Rio Grande Valley temperatures will fall back into the 30s tonight – pretty chilly for that far south.


Cold air advection will continue to keep temperatures cool across the eastern half of Texas on Saturday. Meanwhile a southerly flow across the western half of Texas will result in a rebound in temperatures. Highs on Saturday should peak in the 60s across the Texas Panhandle, South Plains, Concho Valley, into the Permian Basin and points south. North Texas and Northeast Texas will struggle to get out of the 40s. Dry conditions are expected this weekend.

Warmer Today with Clearing Skies


Any remaining showers in the Rio Grande Valley will move off the coast by this afternoon. Skies will clear out across all of Texas later this morning into the afternoon hours. With abundant sunshine and light winds we’ll see temperatures warm up. Temperatures will range from the upper 40s in the Texas Panhandle up into the mid 60s from the Concho Valley and Central Texas and points south. After several days of cool and cloudy weather it’ll be nice to warm back up a bit. This warming trend will continue for the remainder of this work week before much cooler weather arrives this weekend into early next week.


Temperatures tonight will drop off into the upper teens and lower twenties in the Panhandle. Further south lows will drop off into the 30s and 40s. The Rio Grande Valley will drop off into the upper 40s to lower 50s. Clouds will increase across the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, and South-Central Texas tonight. Other locations should remain mostly clear.

The forecast for this weekend and early next week remains quite uncertain. Much cooler weather is expected but any precipitation chances during that timeframe remain unclear.

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