Author: David Reimer

May 19th – New Videos

Good Afternoon, I’ve finally gotten all of our videos on the May 19th chase page. With this update you can view two videos of the Wyneewood, OK tornado with each showing a different aspect due to camera settings. Also included in this update is video of the now long tracked tornado after dark being illuminated by power flashes. Although this video has been on our YouTube account for several weeks I’m now just adding it to the chase page. In addition to those videos be sure to check out over 100 high quality photos taken that day. We’ve just started to offer high quality prints on those as well! You can view all of the new additions on our May 19th chase...

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Leaving for Iowa

Just a short update, We’re leaving town in an hour for Iowa. Live Stream should be up some point later this morning. SPC has a 5% TOR for Iowa and Minnesota. Stay tuned to the Twitter and Facebook accounts for the latest updates. – David...

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Update on 8/13/10 Chase Potential

While I’m writing this I’m keeping tabs on what looks like is a pretty decent severe weather day in Minnesota. Chasers have reported at least two tornado touchdowns in the past hour and the cells are looking great. It’s a shame we were not able to make it up there today as it looks like today may now better then what tomorrow is offering. Unfortunately after stellar 06Z model runs came in this morning and we got excited the 12Z and 18Z runs came in and pretty much gave us the finger. The NAM along with the GFS are now indicating a much weaker low level wind field, as shown in the graphic below. The problem with the graphic above is first off the winds are veered to the southwest. This type of setup favors linear lines instead of tornadic supercells. Also the winds have come down from previous model runs, only showing 20 to 25 knots. This number is fairly insignificant and thus not favorable for much tornadic activity, especially with the veered direction. These two graphics are from the 18Z NAM. The first graphic is the Surface Based CAPE of Convective Available Potential Energy graphic. It’s still showing CAPE values upwards of 6000 to 7000 J/Kg which seems reasonable as the 22Z RUC is showing 7000 J/KG of SBCAPE over Iowa this afternoon. That type of instability...

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Northern Plains Setup

It feels weird to be talking about Severe Weather in August but with our fall semesters starting up in just under two weeks and the workload that comes with that we’ve been keeping an eye out for any chase setups before then. Below are all the graphics I will be referring to in this blog post. The first thing we see when analyzing the setup is the trough coming in at 500 MB. Both the NAM and GFS are consistent in bringing in a vort-max with an area of 40 to 50 knot area of winds. Both models are...

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Updated: Tropical Depression Forming

EDIT 3:35 PM CDT: Here’s an image taken a few minutes ago showing the state of the system. You can see an obvious low level circulation along with several hot towers going up around this circulation. Good Afternoon, Recon has found a closed LLC and several SMFR readings over 30 Knots suggest we do in fact have a Tropical Depression forming this afternoon and I expect we will have advisories initiated tomorrow morning along with Tropical Storm Watches for portions of the GOM coastline. Both satellite and the Key West radar show the system has organized throughout the day and continues to do so this afternoon. As you can see on the radar image the system does appear to be organizing somewhat with a couple of bands forming on the northern part of the circulation. I would expect the system to continue to gradually organize through tonight and possibly flare up a bit during the diurnal maximum which occurs overnight. The track of this system remains unchanged from the earlier discussion, but intensity guidance has changed somewhat. Two model pools have developed. One model pool doesn’t even develop this system, while the other pool develops this into a moderate TS. At this point I’d be willing to bet this system will develop into Tropical Storm Danielle as it has been organizing this afternoon. This system will continue to deal...

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