Author: David Reimer

Tornado Threat in Eastern Oklahoma Wednesday

Thus is fall in the southern plains… We’re talking about a potential severe weather event in late November, on the busiest travel day of the year. Welcome to La Nina folks! We’ve been watching tomorrow on the models now for several days. Beginning yesterday the models began hinting on increased amounts of instability being present for Wednesday‘s event, and tonight‘s 0Z NAM really spiked up the values. Lets take a detailed look into what might be a considerable severe weather threat tomorrow. The two maps above, each from 6 PM Central tonight, show the rapidly changing weather conditions across...

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Caledonia, IL Tornado – Velocity Loop

From reports coming in to the National Weather Service, it sounds as if a major tornado just struck parts of Caledonia, IL. Major damage is being reported, with at least one report of a home leveled. Here’s a radar velocity animation of the storm. Click the image for a unrestricted full screen...

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Unsettled weather returns to the Southern Plains

[caption id=”attachment_994″ align=”aligncenter” width=”800″ caption=”h5 analysis – 6 AM”][/caption] I hope you enjoyed the quiet weather pattern over the past two weeks, because that’s about to change in a big way. This morning’s 500 MB analysis showed a large trough digging south across the Western United States, bringing an end to our quiet weather. This trough will help bring several shortwaves through the plains beginning Tomorrow and continuing through the weekend. This will allow for a few opportunities of severe weather, and perhaps some wintry precipitation by the time all is said and done? [caption id=”attachment_995″ align=”aligncenter” width=”640″ caption=”Surface...

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Rice, Tx Damage Photos

Finally, after three days of unsettled weather, things have calmed down. Of all three days, Sunday was the most active for me chase-wise with several intercepted supercells. This is the first time in my chase carrier that I’ve intercepted so many supercells within a short time-frame. Unfortunately, one specific supercell produced a significant tornado that impacted a rural North Texas town. Veteran Storm Chasers Shane Adams and Bridget Geaughan of captured this amazing video of the tornado as it passed over I-45. This tornado was produced by a supercell that formed just before 5 PM in southwestern Ellis...

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1 PM Thoughts

I’ve made my way down to Athens, Texas, where I’m typing this up from. At his point my thoughts from this morning still seem valid. [caption id=”attachment_886″ align=”aligncenter” width=”800″ caption=”12:40 PM Sat”][/caption] My primary focus right now is the cumulus field developing along the dryline in Comanche county. As the dryline continues to surge east, it will move into a more unstable environment. Combined with the dry-punch the RUC has consistently shown, it is my hope that those two factors will prove to help ignite convection. My best guess is that will occur along or east of I-35. There...

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