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Hurricane Earl – Category 4 Monster

Just before recon left this afternoon they found Earl had strengthened with surface winds of at least 115 Knots (130 MPH). Since that time the hurricane has continued to organize and now displays a amazing view. Like I said last night the intensity forecast would go out the window when Rapid Intensification began. As of now it has and until a ERC starts its unlikely the strengthening stops. If a ERC does not stop the hurricane it could become a Category 5 Hurricane later tonight. Below are two images taken fifteen minutes ago showing a classic intense hurricane. Click...

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Hurricane Earl – Discussion #1

Good Evening, Like I did with Hurricane Bonnie and Colin I plan on starting up the usual discussions again since this storm should become the strongest one we have had so far this year in the Atlantic Basin. I chose to write this discussion just after the 11 PM advisory was released because they have the best handle on what’s currently ongoing. First, let me say I try to keep these discussions in terms that those not interested in weather can understand, but also advanced enough to help explain what is actually on-going. Lets dive into it! The radar...

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Tropical Weather Galore!

Good Afternoon, As has been warned for several months, conditions across the Atlantic have become favorable for tropical systems to finally begin forming in earnest. This afternoon we have THREE systems of interest that bear watching. For the sake of organization I’m going to divide each of them into their own specific section. The graphic below depicts all three systems. Hurricane Daniel Hurricane Danielle has been organizing for the better part of the day. After looking quite well early this morning she began to fluctuate but by late morning it had once again begun to organize and show an...

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May 19th – New Videos

Good Afternoon, I’ve finally gotten all of our videos on the May 19th chase page. With this update you can view two videos of the Wyneewood, OK tornado with each showing a different aspect due to camera settings. Also included in this update is video of the now long tracked tornado after dark being illuminated by power flashes. Although this video has been on our YouTube account for several weeks I’m now just adding it to the chase page. In addition to those videos be sure to check out over 100 high quality photos taken that day. We’ve just...

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