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Texas Storm Chasers was founded in early 2009 by two high school students. The main goal was to share their storm chasing video as they entered the field and gained experience. David Reimer once said he would be happy to have 100 visitors to the website which was made by Microsoft FrontPage and quite basic. Around the same time as the company was founded social media networks like Facebook and Twitter were just beginning to become the major players they are today. It was decided that TSC would venture into the realm of social media as an experiment just to secure the handles and names.

After a few months of relative success in 2009 in the realm of social media the company began posting more detailed weather information on the website. The basic FrontPage website was replaced with a more modern (yet still relatively basic) WordPress design to allow for weather blogs to be posted. The first main event to test the blog system was the record-breaking snowstorm of February 11, 2010 that brought over a foot of snow to the D/FW Metroplex. Still the main focus of the company through 2010 into early 2011 was storm chasing first and providing social media updates second. That meant that social media accounts would go silent once the chase was underway. After all, TSC was a storm chasing brand not a weather-information account (or so it was thought).

By April of 2011 the company’s social media accounts had grown to relatively high numbers compared to other storm chasing companies in existence. The Facebook page had just over 7,000 fans and Twitter had around 2,500 followers. A busy spring season meant a growing audience along with increased web traffic. By the beginning of September 2011 the Facebook page had blossomed to over 14,000 fans with the Twitter account also gaining exposure. Then the turning point in the company’s history changed everything.

September 3, 2011 was a hot and windy day across Texas. Tropical Storm Lee was bringing heavy rain and rough surf to Louisiana while Texas was receiving strong north winds on the dry side of the storm. A record-breaking drought had resulted in an extremely active wildfire season that had continued unabated throughout the summer. Hot temperatures, very low humidity, strong winds, and the extreme drought created the perfect storm for a devastating wildfire outbreak. David Reimer (Owner) was working as a videographer at a wildfire in Ellis County, TX that afternoon when he realized the magnitude of the event beginning to unfold. A simple post to the Facebook page ended up changing the path of the company. That post went along the lines of “There are too many wildfires to keep up with. If you have information about a fire near you, please post it to our wall. Use our page as a way to share information with each other.” Over a period of two days the Facebook page went from 14,500 fans upward to 75,000 fans. An event completely unrelated to storm chasing caused a incredible surge in interaction. It was at that time the company reassessed the mission statement and overall purpose.

It was from that event that Texas Storm Chasers evolved into what it has become today. The two main purposes are to provide weather information in the evolving digital age and to share our professional storm chasing content.

David Reimer

David Reimer


My fascination with weather began as a young child when I moved from the comparatively tranquil southern New Jersey to the D/FW Metroplex in the mid-90s. That was back in the era of Troy Dungan, who was chief meteorologist at WFAA-TV until 2007. With the exception of major snow storms I didn’t care much about the weather. That changed about a week after moving into new house in Grand Prairie. A late-evening severe thunderstorm dropped hail up to the size of hen eggs and welcomed me to Texas with style.  Being a seven-year-old child, I didn’t particularly enjoy the ‘style’ and was petrified of thunderstorms from that point well into my teens.

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Jenny Brown

Jenny Brown

Photographer & Blogger

Jenny began her storm chasing adventures with Texas Storm Chasers in the spring of 2011. Originally brought on as a social media assistant she’s become a valuable member of our team. Jenny is married to her husband Paul and has four teenagers at home.

Paige Burress

Paige Burress


Paige began chasing in late 2011 and has quickly excelled to become a top storm photographer. She specializes on wide-angle and time lapse photography involving nature.