Simulated Radar Forecast for Tonight

Simulated Radar Forecast for Tonight

Rain chances will remain high tonight into Sunday as stratiform rain continues to fall across Texas. Most of the rain is light to moderate with amounts not overly high. An exception is in parts of South and Southeast Texas where a frontal boundary is helping to enhance rainfall rates. That enhancement has been most evident around Texas City and Galveston With flooding in progress. Galveston just set the all time wettest December day on record, blowing past the previous date in the late 1800s. The potential for flooding will continue tonight into Sunday in South-Central and Southeast Texas. Flooding issues will be localized where heaviest rains fall, but could be significant. Elsewhere across Texas precipitation totals will be much lighter with the risk of flooding generally low. This will undoubtedly help reduce or partially eliminate the drought that has developed this fall. Rain chances continue Sunday, Sunday Night, and on Monday. By Monday and Monday Night rain will start to end from west to east. An arctic outbreak will arrive on Tuesday/Wednesday with significantly colder temperatures by mid-week.

A Flash Flood Watch is in effect through Sunday in South-Central and Southeast Texas. While widespread flash flooding is not expected tonight, localized issues will continue. Additional heavy rain and more flooding is expected on Sunday.