Day: December 21, 2012

Possible Christmas Snow Storm – Friday Evening Update

Highlights Confidence in a Cold Air Outbreak in Texas by Christmas Afternoon is high Confidence in light snow occurring in Texas is moderate. Confidence WHERE in Texas snow will fall is low. Confidence in accumulating snowfall in Texas is low. We will begin to get better weather model consistency on Saturday, at least that is the hope. Discussion We’ve been talking about it since last weekend, but even now we still have a great deal of uncertainty about the possible Christmas winter storm. We are confident that there will be another cold air outbreak that will make temperatures quite chilly by Christmas evening (sooner in northern parts of Texas) with...

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Special Statement for Christmas Storm in North Texas

I’ll have a complete forecast update later tonight explaining the latest trends with the weather model data and why it may mean more snow for North Texas. The National Weather Service in Fort Worth just issued their first Winter Weather Outlook for the possible Christmas Storm. Here is their statement…   Winter weather outlook for December 25th… A strong storm system is expected to move over North Texas on Christmas day. While this system has been forecast to affect the region for several days… confidence is increasing that wintry precipitation associated with this system will fall over portions of North Texas on Christmas day. Based on the latest forecast models… the track of this system will move over the Interstate 20 corridor. Assuming this track verifies… this would support a change over from rain to snow with some snow accumulations for locations generally along and north of the Interstate 20 corridor during the afternoon and evening hours on Christmas day. Just south of the Interstate 20 corridor… a mix of rain and snow will be possible with little to no snow accumulations possible. At this time snowfall is expected to be brief… and may only persist for a few hours. Currently our forecast calls for less than 1 inch of snowfall for locations along and north of the Interstate 20 corridor. As the change over to snow occurs… northwest...

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Christmas Snow for North Texas?

It’s still a non-zero chance…which means there IS still a chance for snow to fall in the northern parts of the state for Christmas.  Nothing is certain yet, but it’s not been completely ruled out at this time. I wanted to share with you a wonderful educational discussion posted by the National Weather Service office in Ft. Worth yesterday evening.  In it, they break down the processes that would need to be in place with this next system for snow to develop.  It’s very interesting and not extremely nerdy.  I did include some definitions in parenthesis where appropriate.  It’s...

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