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Another Cold Night across Texas

After a very cold Tuesday morning with a few new record lows, we’re going to have cold temperatures again tonight. Low temperatures will be a few degrees warmer than Tuesday‘s, but freezing temperatures are still expected along and north of Interstate 10. Folks in the Panhandle will see temperatures in the teens while those along and north of Interstate 20 see another hard freeze as well. Further south, temperatures will be in the upper 20s to lower 30s. Finally, folks in Deep South Texas and the Valley will see temperatures drop into the 30s and lower 40s. The good news is that temperatures will begin to rebound on Wednesday  but some parts of Texas will remain chilly until Thursday.

A Look Ahead

None of this is etched in stone.  Consider it etched in a bar of soap for now, but it looks like the rest of December is shaping up to be quite active weather-wise.  Several troughs are expected to dip down over the southwestern US and eject northeast over the southern plains.  This is a good thing!  Troughs are areas of low pressure.  Low pressure lets air parcels rise more freely.  Happy free air parcels in an environment which encourages storm development means there is an increased chance for rain!  But where?  And how much?  That’s the big question right now.

Our atmosphere here over Texas is lacking in moisture right now.  It’s dry as a popcorn toot with dewpoints only in the teens, 20’s and 30’s.  That is not expected to change much until later this week ahead of a Pacific cold front.  By the looks of the forecast models right now, we do look to have some chance of rain later this week…possibly late Friday night into Saturday.  And it looks to be pretty widespread, but mainly for the central and eastern half…and along the coast where the moisture return will be the greatest.   There’s also another chance showing up for the middle of next week as yet another system moves through.

Below are a few forecast graphics.  Again, these are just a snapshot of what some fancy math thinks our weather will be like at that point.  It’s what that etched bar of soap looks like.  :>)  Here’s to hope and lots of crossed fingers!

American GFS Forecast Model for Friday at Midnight


European (ECMWF) for Next Tuesday the 18th 

It’s Cold Out There!

Current surface observation map as of 4:45am this morning.  Temps are likely to drop a few degrees further until sunrise, and if you’re out in the rural areas, your temps are colder than this general map depicts.  For example, when I look at another surface chart with current mesonet readings, it shows 30 for one of our local Dallas airports, but shows 14 degrees out at the Jack County Airport west of Ft. Worth.  So basically, you can expect temps in the teens and 20’s across northern sections of the state, and temps in the 30’s and 40’s down south.

Surface Observation Map as of 4:45am 



Highs for today are shown on the map below…and something very interesting is showing up.   Areas that received snow early Monday are noticeably cooler on the map.  Snow reflects the sun’s heat and those areas will be cooler by a few degrees today!

Forecast Highs for Today

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