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Lows Tonight, Highs Tomorrow and a Look Ahead

Better be bundled up! Tonight’s lows will be the coldest of the season for quite a few places across the state.  Teens and low 20’s expected across the northern half of the state, 30’s in the mid-section and 40’s for the south.  Temps will warm up a bit more tomorrow, then a gradual warming trend will take place as we head towards the weekend.

A look ahead…we have another low pressure trough expected to form off the coast of California by Thursday.  This trough will track east across the western US, then lift northeast across the western half of the state bringing a chance for rain and a Pacific cool front.  Unfortunately, there won’t be a sufficient return of moisture to aid in rain development ahead of this next system.  Best rain chances at this time appear to be in the central and eastern parts of the state.

On a more positive note, weather patterns for the remainder of the month look like they will be active and up to a bit of mischief.  This should bring us better chances for rain towards month-end.

Cold Front Has Cleared the State!!

For all the folks in the southern part of the state that have been wondering when the cold front was going to get to them, it’s HERE!!  Looks like the front finished moving through the entire state just before sunrise this morning.  The current mesonet graphic is posted below showing surface temps as of about 7:45am this morning.

Current surface temps 7:45am


Highs today will range from the 30’s to 40’s for most of the state, and some 50’s down in deep south Texas.  Lows overnight will drop into the teens and 20’s for northern parts of the state, and at or near freezing for the southern areas.  This chill will last for a few more days before we get a warmup, and additional RAIN chances may arrive later this week!

Today’s forecasted highs


Tomorrow Morning’s Forecasted Lows

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