You would have to be hiding under a rock to know we don’t have a major cold front pushing through Texas on Sunday. Snow chances continue to look small and no accumulations are expected. The most significant nature of this event will be the cold temperatures. The very cold air-mass will allow some locations to be below freezing for over 12 hours. That time-period combined with the very cold temperatures could cause problems for unprotected pipes. Freezing temperatures will make it as far south as Interstate 10 in South Texas. Even in Deep South Texas, temperatures will be well below average. High temperatures on Monday will remain in the 30s and 40s with strong north winds creating wind chills in the teens.

Low temperatures in the Texas Panhandle on Tuesday will likely drop into the single digits with temperatures in the teens as far south as the Interstate 20 Corridor in North Texas. To help you understand the progression of the cold front for your area, I’ve included several images that depict it’s progress. This is from weather model data, thus do not be surprised if the timing of the cold front changes by a few hours.