Day: December 7, 2012

Monday Morning Snow in North Texas?

I wanted to provide a brief late-evening update on the potential and associated timing of any light snow across North Texas for Monday Morning. Right now, weather model guidance continues to suggest that there could be some light snow generally from North and West of Fort Worth up towards Wichita Falls. That’s a fairly poor description but trying to describe exact potential areas is futile and useless at this point. We’re not going to have a good idea of the exact zones at risk of seeing light snow until Sunday. There are so many factors that go into producing winter weather...

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Alaska preparing to re-position over Texas; Arctic Air Incoming!

All of you have heard about our major arctic cold front poised to slam into Texas beginning late Saturday night and progressing across the entire state by Sunday. This will not be an event where North Texas is cold and South Texas remains warm. This cold front will bring cold, below average temperatures to ALL of Texas, even the Valley. Now that we’re within 48 hours of the cold front we can begin to be more precise with our timing. Here is the latest timing from one of our most reliable models, the North American Model. Keep in mind...

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Snow Possibilities Sunday Night into Monday

Our west Texas staff member David Drummond posted an excellent discussion for snow possibilities on Sunday in West Texas and the Texas Panhandle. If you’re looking for information on those areas, please see his blog post here. This post will be covering North Texas and the Red River Valley. Let me stress that all information posted here will likely change as we get closer to Monday. Winter weather is very difficult to forecast in Texas because of how many factors need to come together to support it. These factors can and will change frequently and if one ingredient is missing, that will change...

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