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New Records for Sunday, December 2

Another unseasonably hot day prevailed across Texas with more records being set. Here is the list of new record high temperatures set today, December 2.

Amarillo: 78°F – Old record was 76°F in 1926 and 1925

Childress: 82°F – Tied record off 82°F set in 1995

Corpus Christi: 87°F – Tied the record high of 87°F set in 1964

Dallas – Fort Worth: 83°F – Old record was 81°F in 2007

Galveston: 79°F – Tied record of 79°F set in 2007

Houston: 84°F – Old record was 83°F in 1970

Waco: 82°F – Tied record of 82°F set in 2007

In addition to these high temperature records, D/FW International Airport set a new record high MINIMUM temperature. This morning’s low of 67°F breaks the record for being the warmest low for December 2nd. The previous record of 63°F was set in 1922 and 1993.

3 PM Temperature Map; D/FW Sets New Record High

[caption id=”attachment_10726″ align=”aligncenter” width=”595″]width=”595″ height=”330″ /> Temperatures at 3 PM[/caption]

Unseasonably hot temperatures continue across Texas this Sunday afternoon with many locations reaching at least 80 degrees. A few locations will likely set new record highs today and we’ll have that information for you later this evening. Of note, D/FW Airport has already set a new record high of 83°F. The old record of 81°F was recorded in 1995 and 2007.

Sunday’s Weather Snapshot

Two areas of dense fog have developed this morning….gulf coast area from Corpus to Beaumont….and out in the Midland/Odessa area.  These areas of fog and low clouds should burn off quickly now that the sun has come up.   For the upteenmillionth time…it’s going to be very warm again today, and we’ll likely meet or break additional high temp records here and there across the state.

Two cold fronts will affect the state this week.  The first is forecasted to move through on Tuesday.  The second one is forecasted to move through on Friday.  Neither or very strong, nor very cold, but they will both help to knock temperatures down to more normal readings for at least a few days.

Keep reading below the graphic….it gets good….trust me…. :>)

Today’s forecasted highs


On the distant horizon…an arctic front is showing up on the long-range models that may affect the state around the 10th or thereabouts.  And could it…..possibly…….maybe……bring…..SNOW?????   The models I ran through this morning did indeed forecast SNOW for a huge part of the state on or around the 11-13th of next week.  WAY too early to be very confident on any of this, but I wanted to mention it if for no other reason that keeping hopes raised for some actual winter-like weather versus this warm April-like weather we’ve had the past few days.  Fingers crossed!!!