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List of New Record High Temperatures set Today

Considering today marks the first day of December and the start of meteorological winter, it was HOT! We tied or set several new high temperature records across Texas today. Here are a list of all the tied/new records set today, December 1.


Austin, TX: 84°F – Old record high of 83°F set in 1954.

Childress, TX: 86°F – Old record high of 83°F set in 1943.

Corpus Christi, TX: 87°F – Old record high of 83°F set in 2011

D/FW International: 83°F – Tied record high of 83°F set in 1950

Galveston, TX: 78°F – Old record high of 76°F set in 1954.

Houston, TX: 83°F – Old record high of 82°F set in 1970.

Lubbock, TX: 79°F – Old record high of 76°F set in 2007

Midland, TX: 80°F – Tied record high of 80°F set in 2007.

Waco, TX: 83°F – Old record high of 81°F set in 1971.

Wichita Falls, TX: 83°F – Old record high of 82°F set in 1950.


Saturday Afternoon Weather Snapshot

Record highs for today have already been tied in Austin at 83 degrees.  I’m sure by the end of today we’ll see more of that.  Certainly a very warm start for the first day of December.  Not completely unusual, but definitely not feeling like it’s the holiday season just yet!

Here’s what the current mesonet sites are reading across the state.  Temps are in black, dewpoints are in blue and highest wind gusts recently measured are in red.   An area of very spotty light showers has developed just northwest of Houston.  More showers are expected to develop along the gulf coast this afternoon and into the early evening.  Winds  in the panhandle and western parts of the state have shifted from the west which is bringing some drier surface air in.  You can easily see that effect in the map above by the lower dewpoint values.  Also, cirrus cloud cover there today has provided insulation from the sun’s heating which has kept them from reaching record highs today so far.  Lows will likely be in the 30’s and 40‘s out west overnight unless cloud cover remains or increases.

Elsewhere, low clouds will once again develop overnight similar to the last two nights and cover most of the remainder of the state.  This will quickly burn off during the day Sunday, but it will work to limit radiational cooling and keep lows from plummeting into the 40‘s.  You can quickly see where overnight cloud cover is expected by looking at the temp map below.  Since cloud cover acts like a blanket and reflects surface heat, those areas will be much warmer.

Below is a snapshot of the forecasted lows for tonight…

Have a great rest of your afternoon!



Saturday’s Weather Snapshot

Happy Saturday everyone!  We’ve got a much warmer than normal in store for the first day of the last month of the year.  Highs today will range from the 70’s to mid 80’s across the state which may come close to breaking some records.  Morning clouds will once again blanket the southern, central and north central parts of the state, but should burn off by this afternoon.  Fog will also again be a problem along the coast this morning…especially for areas that received rain yesterday.  Lows tonight will range from the 30’s and 40’s in the panhandle and northwest Texas, to the 60’s and 70’s along the coast and down into the Rio Grande Valley.   Below are the high and low temp graphics for today and tomorrow morning.   We’ve got two cold fronts moving into Texas next week…a weaker one coming in late Monday, and a stronger one coming in around Thursday.   More details on that later today!  ~Jenny

Saturday’s Forecasted Highs


Forecasted Lows for early Sunday Morning 

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