It is hard to believe that Texas Storm Chasers came online nearly three and a half years ago. When we came online back in March of 2009, we planned to use a basic website and a YouTube channel to share our chase videos. We never had any plans to develop social media accounts or become a means of disseminating weather information to the general public. Obviously not everything goes to plan. Today at 4PM we had a total of 128,723 combined followers from Facebook and Twitter. Many of you found us not because of our chase video but because of information we shared. It has become overwhelmingly apparent that we have the tools to help spread weather information and become a trusted source. The flow of information our followers bring to us is also a great asset  Information that we receive via our social media accounts are shared almost instantly with the National Weather Service. In turn, that helps bring more accurate severe weather warnings.

The time has come to make some tough decisions in order to grow into what many users have asked us to become. Effective immediately, Connor McCrorey is no longer with Texas Storm Chasers and Jenny Brown has been promoted to a full member. Jenny joined Texas Storm Chasers back in January as a volunteer on our Facebook page. Over the past several months I’ve come to know her as a good friend and valuable asset. She has built a connection with many of you via her photos and “unique” posting style on Facebook and the blog.

You have made it abundantly clear that the future of Texas Storm Chasers is not in storm chasing, but as a information service. We will not stop storm chasing and we will still bring you video and photos like we have in the past, but we will also be focusing on developing a brand known as the Texas Weather Blog. In the near future, we will begin looking for qualified volunteer candidates to come onboard and become part of the Texas Weather Blog team. Right now, our weather coverage is sporadic simply because it is only Jenny and myself. We both have other full-time occupations like college and full-time CAREERS. In order to continue to grow, we will soon be adding to our blog staff. My hope is that one day we will be one of the leading sources of real-time weather for the state of Texas. Not just North Texas and D/FW, not just Central Texas and Austin, but the entire state. I am going to make sure that hope becomes a reality.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your support. It really is mind blowing to think that so many of you have found us over the years. This is only the beginning of a magnificent new chapter in the history of Texas Storm Chasers. I’m looking forward to writing the next chapter with you.


David Reimer

Owner of Texas Storm Chasers